Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY: Free Over the Edge Planters

I had a problem! My problem was my Littlest Boo was killing my pepper pants. That 2 and a half foot tall menace to all that is green and growing would march right up to those poor green pepper pants and yank them out by the roots laughing all the while! Pepper plant stalks lined the ground behind him. I’m surprised Al Gore did not show up to stop the environmental injustice at the hands of my toddler boy. Though he never touched the tomatoes… was he in cahoots with them? Was this an alliance to do away with the peppers? No one can say for sure but I, Mom, was able to save the 3 remaining plants and it didn’t cost a penny!

It’s ingenious, it’s so simple and you probably have the things you need already! 


1 plastic plant pot with lip
1 wire coat hanger
(and dirt and seeds or plants…)

Undo the coat hanger so that you have one long wire. Bend the wire around the plant pot, just under the lip. Once the wire looks something like this: 

 take the pot and wire and place over the edge. 


Bend the wire over the top of your railing and loop it around the spokes. This will keep the pot from slipping down railing toward the ground.   

And there you have it your done! And Little Boos can no longer reach those plants!

Tips to make this project even cheaper: 
Use plastic pots from the dollar store. That’s where I bought mine at!

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