Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Marvel Quilts

This week has been one of those weeks. The kids were sick over the weekend and now I'm sick. My biggest accomplishment in the last 5 days? Making the kids beds with the quilts I made them for Christmas. Yay! We all have those weeks don't we?

The boys have been into Marvel comics for almost a year now. It started with watching Iron Man on Netflix then they discovered Spider-Man and the Avengers now if it has a Marvel character on it they love it. Luckily for me there is no shortage of Marvel! Even Joann's has some cute retro-style Marvel fabric prints which I used to make these quilts for the boys.

This is Kyle's Spider-Man quilt on his bed. All made up nice and neat. Notice Spider-Man on the wall, and on his water bottle? Yes. This kid loves Spider-Man.

His sweet little name right in the center with Spider-Man climbing on it

The whole of Kyle's quilt. I used some of the sheet material as extra quilt squares.

I backed both the quilts with flat sheets.
Kyle's is backed with a classic Spider-Man design from Target.

Jake's little bottom bunk bed also looking sweet and ready for sleep. Maybe...

The whole of Jake's Marvel quilt. I added one square for Diego another favorite show of Jake's.

Jake's quilt is also backed with the top sheet from the set I bought for him. 
This is Marvel's WHAM sheet set. It was a little bit pricey for kid's sheets but this 
pattern just took me. Too perfect for the quilt!

The boys Ikea bunk bed all super hero'd out.

Look how cute these were all rolled up for Christmas! I finished them the night before. Shhh. Don't tell anyone! I was up until 2am working on them Christmas Eve.

Little Jake enjoying his quilt at Christmas time.

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