Sunday, July 6, 2014

DIY: Mario Lego Lamp

There are a few things in our household that remain ever popular: Legos and Mario. A while back I found this pin on Pinterest.

Yep. That is an 8-bit Mario lamp made of Legos. Pure awesome. The boys wanted this lamp for their bedroom so we spent the morning recreating it. 

The construction of the lamp is pretty basic as it is just all different sized bricks. We ended up using lots of 1 bump brinks. 

At first we started with bricks that were 2x’s but soon we ran out of those and were using 1x’s. This lamp takes a lot more bricks than you would think! It is 21 Lego layers high not including the top portion that houses the light bulb. 


Lots of Lego bricks in white, green, red, black, orange (or light tan) and yellow.

One lamp cord with plug, like this one

Bulb (I suggest getting an LED bulb if children will have access to the lamp, the first thing my boys wanted to do was stick their Lego guys all over it but the bulb was hot!)

Four 1x8 pieces in yellow

Four 1 bump pieces in yellow

Now for the instructions:

Not pictured. Make a square 10x10 bumps all green

Step 2
Leave one small brick open to run the lamp
cord through.

Step 3

 Step 4

Step 5

Step 6
Here is where we started to run out of 
2x's bricks and started using the 1x's

Step 7

Step 8
I used a mixture of 2x's and 1x's
Use whatever you have most available just make sure
the outside colors match the picture below.

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

Here is what your lamp should look like now


Step 15

Step 16

Step 17
Mario and Luigi should now be completed

Step 18

 Step 19

Step 20 and 21
Each is just a layer of yellow bricks

Now take your lamp cord and run it through the top of the lamp all the way to the bottom.
Remove the green brick under the small opening.
Insert cord.
Put the green brick back.

Build the top as needed to fit your bulb. Mine ended up being 
4 pillars of 2x2 square bricks stacked 8 high.

Take the four 1x8 yellow brick pieces and bridge the pillars. The 1 bump single pieces should fit right in the corners. I did not have enough 1x8 yellow pieces to complete my lamp. You can see where I substituted a 1x8 gray piece and a 1x8 blue pieces.

To make my lamp more stable I made a second layer of yellow pieces in 2x bricks.

There you have it! Turn it on and enjoy the 8-bit Mario and Luigi/Lego awesomeness!

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