Friday, April 1, 2011

Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags

Every school day you make lunch for your little ones. Every school day one or two or sometimes three zip-lock baggies go into the lunch bag and none return. Lets face it using zip-locks is boring. They are see through, we've all seen through them, and in the end they end up in the trash headed for the landfills. All in all, zip-locks are uncool.

Here is something that is cool: Reusable snack bags! Make them out of any color or print you can dream up! Rocket ships, diggers and dozers, Spiderman, or like these I made for the Angel Heart Children's Shelter auction: Ladybugs.

Supplies for Sandwich Sized Bag:

Printed Fabric 7 ¼ x 14 ½
 PUL or Non-Rip Nylon 7 ¼ x 14 ½
 5 ½ inches of Velcro

Supplies for Snack Sized Bag:

Printed Fabric 5 ¼ x 9
 Pull or Non-Rip Nylon 5 ¼ x 9
 4 inches of Velcro
All seem allowances are ¼ inch.

Pin the printed fabric and pull/nylon right sides together. Sew around 3 edges leaving a gap on one of the short sides for turning. I used a zigzag stitch to give it strength since a toddler will be pulling on it.

Clip corners and turn right side out. Press flat making sure to tuck in the edges on the gap. 

Pin the Velcro to the pull/nylon side as close to the short edge as you can, so that the gap can be sewed closed, and 1/2 inch from the long sides. Sew in place. Repeat on the other side.


Fold in half, lining up all your sides. Top stitch along 3 of the sides. Do not stitch over the opening. Trust me, you won’t be able to get to your sandwich!

And there you have it! As simple as that! 

Now your kids can be the envy of the lunch table and help reduce waste! Bonus for you: these are machine washable. Get some jelly stuck in there? Simply turn inside out and hand wash or throw it in the washing machine. Line or tumble dry. Awesome!

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