Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stuffed Snakes

My boys are constantly fighting over a stuffed snake I made for my Littlest Boo for Christmas. Constantly. If one has it the other one wants it. What's a mother to do? Make another one of course!! Luckily these snakes are easy and quick to make.

Stuffed Snake Supplies:

Two pieces of coordinating fabric cut to your desired length 
(I used fleece to make them extra cuddly)
Scrap felt for eyes and tongue

 Pin two pieces of fabric right sides together

Draw a basic snake shape on the wrong side of one fabric

Cut it out

Cut two white circles and two smaller black circles out of felt

Unpin the snake's head and sew the white circles to the right side of the fabric that will be the snake's top.

Repeat step with the black circles

Cut out a "Y" shape from felt for the tongue

Pin it into place in between the two right sides of the fabric as shown. --->

Start sewing a few inches below the head of the snake to make stuffing the snake easier

 When you get around to the tongue back stitch over it a couple of times to make sure that it is locked in. 

My boys love to drag the snakes around by the tongues so I didn't want it to go anywhere!

Leave a gap large enough to stuff the snake and then stuff it!

I used stuffing for the snake's head and Styrofoam beads from an old bean bag for the body but you can use just stuffing throughout. It's really up to you.

Hand sew the opening closed


watch where you sit because there could be a snake!

I know that some of you are waiting for the insulated lunch box tutorial and it is currently in the works for Thursday.  It's a bit more complicated than the snake!

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