Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY: Super Hero Cape Shirt

Last night I was looking at the V-Day shirts I made the boys and thinking they needed something else. Not that they weren't cool on their own, I mean an Iron-Man heart? How cool is that? But the shirts did need that extra special something to make them really, really cool.

Being the creative Mom that I am I stole borrowed an idea from a shirt I bought awhile ago. Jake, the youngest, has a few shirts from Target with cute little velcro-capes on that back. I thought this would be perfect to make the shirts really, really cool. I mean they are super hero V-Day shirts after all!

Jake's Iron-Man shirt was the easiest. I used a yellow cape from one of the Target shirts we already had. All I had to do was sew some velcro on to the back and vawla! Shirt with cape in under 2 minutes!

For Kyle's Spider-Man cape it was a little bit more work. Target does not make shirts with capes for the "big boys" section of the store so I had to make one myself. I used a piece of blue costume satin and a blue and red sheer spider web fabric I bought off of Ebay. This is the same fabric I used to make capes for Kyle's Spider-Man birthday a few months back.

Pretty cool isn't? Backed with blue the red really pops!

First I looked at how Jake's capes laid on the shirts. The cape start at just below the collar and goes to just below the end of the shirt.

Using this as a guide I cut the two pieces of fabric to size and cut around the top to accommodate the collar. I accidentally cut mine a bit short...

After that it is pretty easy. Clip around the curve.

Sew all the way around the edges leaving an opening at the bottom. Turn right side out and then top stitch. I added the velcro at this point to the cape....

 ....and to the shirt.

It's not perfectly straight but that's OK Kyle will love it either way. Kids aren't very picky.

Have a great V-Day everyone!

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