Saturday, August 16, 2014

DIY: Easy Peasy Minecraft Art

Before I had kids I painted all the time. I was actually pretty good at it. Better at painting than I was at drawing but since having kids I haven't picked up a paint brush in a truly artistic way. When I started to think about Kyle's Minecraft room and creating art for it I dreaded the thought of trying to paint a picture around the boys doing their boy things... (fighting, wrestling, fighting, playing nicely for 10 seconds then fighting again...1 more week of summer! Thank goodness!)

Luckily there is Mod Podge!

For this project I scanned a tee-shirt of a Spider-Man Minecraft figure and printed it out.

Next I cut out the Minecraft Spider-Man:

On to painting the background... A little bit of acrylic paint spattered around a flat canvas I bought at Wal-Mart, then painted with a wide brush. I used two shades of blue along with white and black:

Here is the finished background. Acrylic paint takes about 15 minutes to dry:

 Next I Mod Podged the Spider-Man guy onto the background:

And finish up his web by painting a few small white squares:

That is it! The perfect bit of art work for a Spider-Man/Minecraft loving boy and the time crunched mother.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Beginnings of a Lego Room

 We are just a few short weeks from moving into our new house! Each of the kids will have their own room for the first time ever. To make this occasion extra special for them I let them choose the theme of their new rooms and have started to design them now so the rooms will be ready for move in. I want the kids to be as settled as possible especially since we will be moving the week after school starts.

Jake chose a Lego Movie theme for his room. Ever since he saw The Lego Movie this spring every thing has been about Legos and Emmet. Again I got a lucky break, The Lego Movie is also popular right now.

For a nightlight I choose a green light up LED Lego brick. Green is Jake's favorite color. I bought it on Ebay as it seems to be discontinued.

Getting sheets was easy! I bought these from Target.

Jake will be keeping the amazing Ikea Kura loft bed but it will be getting a makeover. The trains have since been removed from the bed but I have an idea for what to do to it next to Lego-ize and Jake-ize it. Currently it looks like this:

Kyle and Jake share a room right now. Kyle is in the top bunk and Jake is in the bottom. See the Lego Emmet Clock Jake got for his birthday on the bottom? It will be perfect for his new Lego Movie room!

PS: Kyle's name is on the short side of the bunk! I didn't forget about him when I added the names to the bunk bed all those years ago. ;-)