Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Laundry Room

Most of us have a laundry room and most of us want to spend as little time in that glorified closet as possible. I was no exception to this. Until one day I was folding laundry in my messy and unattractive room and thought, hey I could do something about this!

I already had some lime green things so I went with that color. I got a lime green milk box and lime green Sterilite box from Target for under 10 dollars. I put all that extra stuff that seems to collect in a laundry room because it has no where else to go in the milk box and put my poor fluffy puppy's food in the Sterilite box. I had some green and blue artwork made by my oldest son when he was a baby and hung it on the walls. I found a broken fish lamp and hung that up just for something fun. There wasn't anything too crafty about all that I did but it certainly did make the room feel that much better!



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