Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY: Ant Farm

When did ant farms start costing 20 bucks? What is it really? Some cheap plastic, dirt and ants. Not really worth the whole 20 dollars I'd say. So why not build your own ant farm? It's easy enough and you probably have everything you need laying around your house.

DIY Ant Farm:

One large plastic container
One smaller plastic container
Hot glue
Pin and lighter or wire mess

Glue the smaller container in the middle of the big contaner. Put the lid on the smaller container.

Next heat your pin with a lighter and start poking holes in the lid of the larger container. Make sure that your holes are small enough that the ants will not escape.  If using wire mesh make sure that the holes in the mesh are small enough so the ants will not escape (I used a tea ball thingy cut in half.) Cut a hole in the larger plastic lid. Use lots and lots of hot glue to secure the mesh to the plastic lid and to make sure the ants don't escape!

Fill the space inbetween with dirt.

Add ants. (here are some tips!)

Watch as the ants dig and eat and do ant stuff.

It's best to cover the ant farm with black construction paper or fabric on the outside so the ants feel as if they really are in the dirt.

So for the cost of a used plastic garlic jar and a used rice jar my Little Bugs now have little ant bugs to watch!

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