Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guinea Pigs - Piggy Pillows and Pads

What posh guinea pig home wouldn't be complete with out matching guinea pig pillows and fleece pads to lounge around on? None! That's Ben and Eddy's humble guinea-pig-opinion since they now have a completely decorated domicile. I started out with a traffic sign fleece cage liner and moved on to traffic sign fleece pillows and pads. They are two very lucky pigs.


  • Fleece (large scraps will work)
  • Stuffing
  • Uhaul pads, towels, cotton mattress pads or other absorbent material.

Cut the fleece and padding out in the shape you want. You will need two layers of fleece per shape and one layer of padding. I cut mine so they were just a little bit bigger than the bases of the pigloos.

If you want to add any appliques now is the time. Use a wide zig-zag stitch to secure the applique to the front side of the fleece.

Layer the fleece right sides together and the padding on the wrong side of one of the fleeces. Using a half inch seem allowance stitch around the edge leaving a gap open for turning.

Clip the corners then turn right side out making sure that the fleece layers are both on the outside. The absorbent padding should be on the inside.

Pin the opening closed and top stitch as close to the edge as you can all the way around to give it a nice finished look.

If you are going to turn your pad into a pillow, after it is turned right side out stuff it and then pin the opening closed and top stitch around.

That is that! Now enjoy your matching piggy environment!

Look at that matching awesomness!

Benny Boy just snuggling up to that traffic light pillow!

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  1. Hi! Can you post how you made the cage pad liner? Such as what you have layered in between the fleece and how effective it is? Thanks!