Saturday, January 26, 2013

Star Trek Guinea Pig Costumes - No Sew

Here it is! The first tutorial for the Star Trek guinea pig cage!

These little shirts look too cute on fat furry guinea pigs and best of all this is No Sew! The shirt design is also open at the bottom so that it does not drag on the ground or make the guinea pigs feel squeezed or confined. This pattern would be easily adaptable to other costumes. I can already see a Mario and Luigi version on these, maybe a princess or just a little guinea pig Hawaiian shirt? What can you come up with?

  • Scraps of fleece
  • Hot Glue
  • Felt for details

If you are going to make more than one shirt it may help to do this next part on card stock or paper so that you can trace it on to the fleece after word.

Using your main color of fleece (gold, blue or red) cut out a square that is 9.5 inches by 4.5 inches.

Using black fleece cut a piece half an inch by 9.5 inches

Using gold or yellow felt cut out a small Star Trek symbol

Take the main piece and measure down 2 inch on the short side and mark. Measure over 1 inch along the bottom of the fabric and mark. Draw a line connecting the two dots and cut along it. Do the same for the other side. This little cut out allows the guinea pig to walk without dragging the shirt on the ground and will be the bottom of the shirt.

Next measure 1.5 inches along the top of the shirt from the edge. Then measure 1.25 inches down from that point. This is where the arm hole will be. At this point I simply drew a circle that was roughly the size of an American penny and cut it out.

Now we have a basic shirt! Bust out the glue gun and glue the back side of the black strip of fleece. Line up the long edge of the black strip and top of the shirt. Place the black strip at the top of the shirt to act as a shirt collar and mimic the black lining on the original Star Trek uniforms. Double check to make sure the glue is sticking and that no spots were missed. reglue as necessary.

Hot glue the Star Trek symbol to the left side of the uniform.

There you are! It's done! Enjoy your cute little Trekkie guinea pig now, just make sure to remove the shirt when you place the guinea pig back home so that he does not get hurt. Costumes are only meant to be worn as photo props.

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