Monday, January 21, 2013

Star Trek Guinea Pig Cage

Everything is in and set up! Tutorials coming soon... for now, just bask in the awesomeness.

The fleece for the bedding, in all it's glory

I couldn't just decorate the cage in awesomeness so I also made
the guinea pigs MORE awesome. Star Fleet uniforms

Yes, Bacon got the red shirt but he's a tough pig, I think he'll survive.
I hope so at least.

Eddy Pig and Buddy's upper level of Star Trek awesomeness.

Eddy Pig is attempting to show off his customized food dish.

Buddy matching the mini potty pad


Checking out the Trekkie Tunnel

Ben and Bacon in the engineering level

Checking to make sure the pigloo is in the right spot

All in all the spoiled guinea pigs got Star Trek fleece for bedding, tidy pads for keeping clean in their pigloos, Star Fleet uniforms, custom feed dishes, and Trekkie tunnels to run through.

Like it but don't want to make it?
I'm selling Star Trek guinea pig items in my Etsy shop: Guinea Pig Geekery

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