Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY: Tardis Painted Shoes

This was an easy project. I almost can't believe how easily this came together.

I bought a few yards of this fabric over at Spoonflower. I plan on making a skirt from the fabric when it arrives but I wanted to get a jump start on my mommy geek outfit by making the shoes.

Be careful if you visit that site, you may be there for hours. It is an amazing collecting of unique fabrics created by users. The yardage is a bit on the pricy side but for some these prints it is totally worth it!

What you will need:
  1. Fabric paint
  2. Canvas shoes
Target right now has basic canvas shoes on sale for 12 dollars. Awesome!I bought a pair of the blue ones last time I was there. Almost a Tardis Blue.

Once I had the shoes I busted out some fabric paint. In this case I used Puffy Paint because it is what I had on hand. I started with black, I wanted the toes of my shoes to mimic the Tardis "Police Box" and windows. I put a little bit of paint on to a paper plate than painted it on to the shoes.

For the sides I mimicked the swirls from the fabric.

On the heel I added the Gallifray symbol from the fabric. This one took a bit more work than the others. I drew the symbol out first using a pen to make sure the pattern came out right.

Then I went over it with Puffy Paint. The ink from the pen (IE my mistakes!) should wear off or be easily washed off once the paint is dried.

I left the paint to dry at this point and came back the next day with white. Luckily there isn't my white on these shoes making it a quick second day. First the iconic "Police Box"

Then the windows and we're done!


This project was so simple and easy I think i may need to make a few more pairs of shoes...

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