Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Etsy Dalek Finds

I have been on a Dalek kick recently. Something about those slow and bulky robots from Dr. Who have captured my heart. My kids think Daleks are the greatest thing since Spider-Man and Iron Man. Whoa! That is saying something with these two!

On Monday I showed you my Dalek tea coffee cup and on Friday I will have a tutorial on making easy-peasy Dalek (or other fandom) t-shirts. For now I want to share the cool Dalek things I found on Etsy.

This clean little Dalek is just screaming to be hung in the future guest bathroom. I found him washing up over at a shop called Autogeograph. The artist there has several other Dalek pictures including Extrapolate, Intoxicate, Impersonate and Infatuate all of them wonderfully done but Exfoliate is my favorite.

I know it's a bit early yet but look at this little guy! Wouldn't this cute little Christmas Dalek from Eattoast just be darling on your Christmas tree? He's red and green and wearing a Santa hat! He must also be friendly because his egg beater arm has been replaced with a yummy candy cane.

These Dalek magnets from Resubee are a must have for the fridge. I actually ordered a set! My kids are going to flip when they arrive. There is even a green one holding a tea cup! I wonder if he is a chia tea drinking?

Lastly there are these found object Daleks by Gammaraybots. They are just awesome. I'm not sure what else can be said. They are Daleks for the garden! They look like they are made out of cheese graters and some auto parts. Just plan awesome!

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