Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Beginnings of a Minecraft Room

We are T minus 3 weeks till we move into our new house! Woohoo! 4 bedrooms, an office, separate living and play rooms, 3 baths, a backyard... It will be heaven after this 1000 sqft apartment. Oh, the space we will have!

The most exciting thing? Each of the kids will have their own rooms for the first time ever. No more baby Sydney in the corner of the master bedroom. No more Jake and Kyle fighting and/or playing at bedtime. Everyone in their own corner of the house, tucked in snug and ALONE at bedtime! The simple things my dreams have been made of for the past 5 years... 

We haven't even moved in yet but I have the whole house decorated in my mind. The projects have been planned; furniture is being search for on Craig's List and at garage sales as we speak! I have been planning, prepping and researching for a house for the past 3 years. I am ready for this!

I am going to start with the boys' rooms. Jakey wants a Lego Movie room (more on that later) and Kyle wants a Minecraft room.

I am a bit of a gamer myself but with three kiddos plus all the animals I have not had time to get into a game as complex as Minecraft in a while. I will occasionally play with the kids linked together on our home server so I know the jist of it. For those of you that don't here it is: Minecraft is a game built up of pixilated blocks. You mine the blocks, build stuff with the blocks and sometimes run away from zombie like creatures called Creepers. It's a little bit like building with pixelated Legos which is why it is so popular, I think.

Luckily, Minecraft is very popular so there is a ton of cool DIY projects and decorating ideas on Pinterest. I will probably use a few! ;)

To start with I bought this Minecraft torch light at Target:

I am keeping my little projects a secret from the kids as best I can so I am very excited to show the light to Kyle when I reveal his room to him. The light its self is pretty cool, the bottom part flips down to make it stand out against the wall like a "real" Minecraft torch would. My husband and I both thought this is prefect for Kyle and his room.

I got these sheets from Target:

Not quite Minecraft but the sheets do have "blocks" and that pixelated feel to them. Walmart had a bed set that I liked better but the color scheme just wouldn't work with the colors Kyle wants for his room, blues and greens, and I plan on making a new quilt for him. The Marvel quilts just wont cut it in a Minecraft or Lego room.

I also purchased an Ikea Kallax shelving unit on Craig's List to build Kyle's new bed out of. I'm planning on making a bed similar to this Ikea Hack:

The square shelves just scream Minecraft! With a few bins or drawers painted in a Minecraft style it will be perfect!

That is all I have for the moment, I am working on a few DIY projects right now for the room. Stay tuned!

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