Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meet the Guinea Pigs and thier Cage of Awesome

The Cage:

My guinea pig "cage" is really a custom built, wood and wire, two story, awesome guinea pig abode! Each level measures 2.5 feet wide by just over 8 feet long. Each level is lined with linoleum to protect the wood from any piggy messes. I built this cage about 6 months ago and love, love, LOVE it. I couldn't ask for a better place to house my guinea pigs. Seriously, this is the cage of my childhood dreams.

The Piggies:

That awesome abode is shared by 4 boarly guinea pigs. 

(From left to right) Eddy Pig, Ben, Bacon and Buddy

They don't exactly get along very well any more. The bottom level is shared by Ben and Bacon while the top level is divided into two sections one for Eddy Pig and one for Buddy but still they "share a cage" in the way neighbors "share" a duplex.

Eddy Pig was the first guinea pig my household acquired. He was abandoned at a pet store, beat up by other guinea pigs and had a huge abscess under his jaw. He was underweight, his fur was dull and he did not act very happy at all. It took about a month to turn him around health wise and it took a month after that before I heard him squeak for the first time. He's come a long way and has turned into a very calm and friendly guinea pig. I have had him for about 2 years now. I estimate his age around 2 and a half years old.

Ben was the second guinea pig I got after I learned that guinea pigs should always be kept in pairs. I found Ben on Craig's List, he was being rehomed because the daughter was allergic to guinea pigs. She would get hives on her skin any time she touched him. Ben came to me with bumble foot and arthritis. The family I got him from was his second owners and they said he had always limped. They appeared to really love him and had him from about 2 years. Both the mom and daughter cried when I took him home. With the aid of a veterinarian, it took 2 months to turn Ben's foot health around but damage was already done from the long standing infect and his toes and feet are permanently deformed. His vet does not think this causes him pain, thankfully. Ben is the friendliest guy despite the foot issues. He is always looking for pets and treats and can usually be found hanging out at the side of the cage watching his people. I was told Ben was around 2 when I got him but I have always suspected he was older. I now think he is between 4 or 5 years old.

Next to come into our family was Buddy. Buddy was also found via Craig's List. He has a very typical story, he was bought for a child who became bored of him and the parents got fed up taking care of him. Lucky for Buddy though the parents decided to rehome him only after a few months. I got him at around 4 months old and gave him as a Christmas present to my children last year. He is about a year and a half now and my youngest son's favorite. 

The last guinea pig family member is Bacon. Bacon is again a Craig's List Piggy. Bacon's story is also pretty typical he had a really loving home but his teenage owner was headed off to college. The family took their time and choose my family to give Bacon to. He came to me in perfect health and blended into our herd well. He is about 2 years old and our most active guinea pig, he is also my oldest sons' favorite.  

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